Machines spéciales

S.A.R.L STRAM, Luçon 85400 France

The STRAM company is specialized in the design and manufacture of special machines for metallurgy, plastics and composite materials. We can also make industrial automation, press tools, the manufacturing of mechanical parts, components and hydraulic cylinders. 

Obviously, we would be happy to meet all kinds of demands regarding the maintenance of your machines as well as each individual parts.


Based on 25 years of experience serving well-known brands such as :

- ALP- HYDRO (machines for metal framework, punching machines, drill machines,...).

- ALP (Completion of tubes, pipes and profiles, automotive industry).

- T.T.L (specialized in the manufacture of tubes and pipes : notching, punching, crimping and swaging machines).


STRAM offers spare parts and maintenance services for productions such as those aforementioned, along with the manufacture of new equipments.


LLC STRAM owns the original plans and EXLUSIVE exploitation rights for ALP-HYDRO, ALP and T.T.L.

LLC STRAM analyzes and elaborates made-to-measure machines, press tools, tools such as punches, dies, crimping dies as well as shaping and forming tools. STRAM also ensures compliance and the retrofit of machines (HMI, automatons, numerical control machines,...)

Contact us for all kinds of requirements (machinery, equipments, retrofit, compliance, industrial maintenance) :

- crimping and swaging machines for tubes and pipes, bushings, crimping dies

- notching machines and tube cutting machines (round and square tubes), punches and dies

- punching and drilling benches

- punching machines, tube cutting machines, pressing machines, ...

- arch bending machines

- hydraulic presses (5- 160 tons) and tools

- cutting machines such as sawing machines for all kinds of slabs (steel, aluminium and composite materials)

- shearing, cutting, tools, treatment, machining, ...

- assembly and control machinery

- tools machining and reconstruction

- retrofit

- industrial maintenance, compliance, ...

- repairs services for all types of brands

- hydraulic and pneumatic services


LLC STRAM offers its services all around the world.